4 Benefits Of EMR For A Substance Abuse Rehab Facility

Recovery from an addiction is a long and complicated process, and most patients spend an extended amount of time at a rehab facility receiving treatment. With numerous long-term patients, it is important to keep detailed records of each person's medical history and treatment plan. More and more substance abuse rehab facilities are choosing to use electronic medical record (EMR) software for a number of reasons. Some of the main benefits of EMR at a rehab facility include:

Saves Time

While it doesn't seem like it takes very long, filling out a rehab patient's information on every piece of documentation can add up to a lot of time wasted, especially when you consider that there can be many patients in a facility. With EMR software, patient information only has to be entered once, which can streamline preadmission, intake, treatment, and the discharge process, saving multiple hours of labor.

Cost Savings

While an EMR for addiction recovery software system requires an initial financial investment by a substance abuse rehabilitation center, over time it can save the facility a lot of money. Staff can be more productive when they are not wasting time repeatedly filling out charts with repeated patient information, and since no paperwork needs to be filed payroll may be reduced by not having to hire as many people to ensure that the facility provides quality service.

Instant Access to Information

An EMR software system allows everyone who is treating a patient in recovery from substance abuse to access information instantly in real time on a computer or tablet. This can improve communication between treatment providers as the treatment program progresses, and it also makes it easier to ensure that the patient is administered any required medication on time and on schedule. 

Less Storage Space Needed

Paper medical records can be difficult to file and store-- a large rehab facility may need a large space to just keep all past and current patient records on site. Keeping paper medical records in a storage room is often also inconvenient for medical staff and clinicians who are providing care for the patient since paper medical records need to be retrieved from storage; if one person is accessing a paper chart another treatment provider will not be able to access it. EMR solves all of those problems since many systems are based on cloud-based storage. Rehab facilities will no longer need large areas to store hundreds or even thousands of paper medical charts, which makes providing proper treatment easier for all staff members.